Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flaming Jesus Update

It's all been so depressing what with the Gulf of Mexico turning into a toxic dump site and American political discourse degenerating even faster, the President turning out to be even more of an empty suit than the Lobbyist predicted, the weather here in DC turning prematurely Panamanian, and all the movies around town sucking hard. But I must admit that, like many, I was oddly cheered by the way Big Butter Jesus burned to the ground after what the underwriters call an "act of God" -- in the form of lightning strike. it was kind of like a Klan rally crossed with Burning Man right there beside I-75. The smiting of the graven image was made even sweeter by the way the Pornarama directly across the highway was completely unscathed!
On the up side, I did get to see Strasburg pitch his super debut for the Nads the other night, and did get to see Patty Griffin at 9:30 Club Saturday, and did see one of my all time favorite movies last night, Will Penny -- which was the best movie Chuck Heston ever did by far, and he knew it too. Bread and circuses -- not just for the couch potato!


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