Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News and Non-News

What a wonderfully wacky world we live in: a smoking hot Lebanese immigrant becomes Miss USA and the wingnuts have infarctions. You would think they'd be happy to see a self described Muslim gal packaging herself up as sexist commodity. If becoming Miss USA isn't wholehearted embrace of the American Way (god help us), I dunno what is.

In other non-news: Mark Souder, a family-values Republican has gotten caught with his pecker in the cookie jar. The new wrinkle is the pro-abstinence video he made with his mistress -- who's kinda cute in a naughty-librarian way. So what does she see in the tubby Souder, a man with no detectible charisma? It must really be tough for a single gal in this town.

In still more non-news, a front running Democrat has shot himself in the foot by issuing some bullshit about his service in Vietnam -- when he never went there! Kinda like Hillary and her Bosnian snipers.


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