Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So John Ensign, Christofascist Republican Senator from the sin-based economy of Nevada has gone public (doubtless because he as about to be named in a divorce action) with the news that he was boning a campaign staffer, who also happened to be the wife of one of his subordinates. So, just to be clear, he didn't just have an affair, he had an affair with someone who depended on him for both her income and her husband's. Nice work Senator, real classy.

This move is almost as classy as Ensin's calls for Larry Craig's resignation over his litte bit of wide-stance hypocrisy, not to mention Ensign's pontificating on Bill Clinton's peckerdilloes. It's almost as classy as his Promise Keeper's pledge to keep it in his pants, and his pathological Talibanesque fear of being alone in a car with a woman not his wife.

I would bet large amounts of money they did it at least once in a car.


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