Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain Dives for Pearls in Cesspool

John McCain is scum; his supporters are scum; the reporters who pretend otherwise are scum and Americans who don't go out and vote against his scumminess are scum. Once again: evil is not some Lecterian delectation of the perverse; evil is the collective negligence -- people going along to get along.

Now McCain is telling people Obama tried to legislate defeat, with his opposition to The Surge, in order to further his "ambitions" to be President. This from a guy who will say anything whatsoever (and its opposite on the same day) in pandering for votes. This from a guy who's totally fine with Rove's greenlighting the trillion-dollar fiasco in order to lose GOP crimes int he fog of war.

Anybody who thinks Bush is the worst President possible had better brace himself for the horror of McCain -- he's shown himself capable of astonishing new lows.


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