Thursday, July 31, 2008

Courthouse Follies, etc.

Across the street the network trucks are erecting their antennae laying seige to Petty Federal Courthouse in numbers not seen since the Scooter trial. Could it be that another Republicker is being indicted? Maybe that would be Ted Stevens.

Could it be that people are finally figuring out how phony, pathetic, spoiled, petulant, stupid, dishonorable and generally minor-league John McCain is? Even the troglodytes on the networks seem to be laughing at the Paris/Brittney ads -- which make Obama look pretty good. Which reminds me: how come McCain gets to use the comeback footage of Trailer Princess in her leather bra, when YouTube hade to take it down immediately as its authors realized it was an embarassment? Could the moguls who own Brittney be Republicans?

When pissy codger McCain takes the stage to debate Obama, the aesthetics of his crabbed and withered tininess vs. BHO's slim, graceful ease might just put a stake in the heart of his DcBrain's chances. Of course the network assholes, as they have since Reagan, will score it close, even if it's a slaughter. And remember, McCain doesn't have to win anything, he just has to keep it close enough for Rove's people to steal. About which:

An interesting story about Diebold and dirty Georgia politics, election tampering, "Justice" Department negligence/collusion et cetera, right here. And it get's some traction here.

I'm reading Huxley's Devils of Loudon on the subway these days. I thought it was going to be about randy nuns and priapic priests, but no, it's about mass-hysteria and witch hunting and the political uses thereof. Very brainy and interesting, very pertinent to our times. "Terrorist" equals devil precisely.


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