Sunday, August 17, 2008

There's Cheating and then there's Dumping

About John Edwards, Jane Smiley makes a good point in Huffington Post:

....going out and getting stupidly laid and then coming home and reconciling with the wife is not the same as going out, getting stupidly laid, then divorcing the crippled wife and marrying the pretty young thing (and taking out your marriage license before the divorce is final). One is stupid. The other is cruel. Brutal. Heinous. And well within the moral capacities of our Republican presidential candidate.

But never question McCain's integrity. He's a man of honor. Except when he lies about the favors he did for the boss of lobbyist (and Cindy Mccain lookalike) Vicky Iseman, with whom, although (on second thought) he may have done some favors for her boss's special interest, John did not, not have an affair -- and unless you have video you'd better not even suggest it. Just ask Cindy.


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