Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mission Accomplished Miscellany

Let's see, it's the five-year anniversary of Commander Codpiece's Mission Accomplished stunt. Also, by W's Royal Proclamation, it's National Law Day, although W will reserve the right to break, ignore, secretly modify, and selectively enforce laws at will, effectively making the law pretty much extinct, which is of course consistent with the Preznit's Orwellian flair for naming things in diametric contradiction of their brute reality. Hey, it's also National Prayer Day. Here's my prayer: Dear God: please kill all Republicans with the slow, agonizing bone cancer they deserve. Thanks.

On a related topic: Obama is having trouble with Rev. Wright. Well that's what happens when you mix yourself up with Bronze Age voodoo. People who believe in magic will tend to fuck up , and fuck you up right along with everything else. Oops.

Last weekend they gave a "Promise Keeper" thing on the Mall here, only now it's call Reign Down USA. Sounds a little Royalist to me, but hey, maybe that's just because like Lincoln's Americans, liberty is my religion. Also I noted nobody came. The gospel echoed forlornly all afternoon off the rows and rows of unused PortoSans. Suppose they gave an Asshole Fest and nobody came? Hey, they did!

Here's another spirtual offering:

Upon Hearing Scripture Bullhorned from the Capital Steps

God judgeth the righteous; and is angry every day.
Psalms: 10:11

A prayer in public’s like a curse in church,
the context toxifies the words.
The Truth’s enacted though an inward search,
it’s prostituted if it is coerced.
I believe the Devil loves faith worn on sleeves,
showing whose refusal he need not believe.
The spawn is always pain, death, hate,
when gods and government miscegenate.


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