Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dr. Popelove, et cetera

The Pope sounds just like Dr. Strangelove! He cracks me up! I can just hear him prattling on about how "It would be quite easy to preserve a nucleus of human specimens in some of our deeper mineshafts."

How odd though that Bush would meet him at the airport and totally put on the dog. I imagine W secretly envies the Pope, who has the job for life, is considered infallible, and gets to lord over the most private moral decisions of his constituents with an absolute presumptuion of authority. Who cares if anyones really listens to the old bastard about things like contraception -- the important thing is everyone kisses his ass and always will.
Religion, when broadcast, always degenerates to idolatry, dogma, taboo and monarchy. A people who venerate a King in heaven, will inevitably crave on on Earth. This is perhaps why the Royalists so flatter the Pope. Now, if he took any controversial stands, against the War etc.....


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