Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Flu for Passover

I confess I've been hating life lately because I've had a really nasty strain of bronchial flu that refuses to fight fair, won't come right out and make a frontal assault, flatten you and retreat; no it persists as a low-grade insurgency that darkens your days, then retreats for a bit then returns with a vengeance whenever you tire yourself by doing the things (like getting out of bed, exercise, eating etc) which you used to do when your were healthy. It can cause one to despair -- along with the Democrats, the media, the nitwitted, complacent, smug citizenry of America, the recurrence of the kind of bloodthirsty Bronze Age superstition which had seemed blessedly going into remission until about the Age of Reagan and a few other things besides.

Which is why we need things like this video of a dancing dog to give us the will to go on.


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