Friday, September 28, 2007

What Liberal Media?

Anybody who doubts that America is degenerating into a one-party cesspool of crony capitalism should consider the case of Dan Rather and 60 Minutes. It is compelling evidence that the "free press" will not save the country by informing the electorate of dangers it's facing. There major commercial media are far too beholden to the GOP not to bow to the demands of that gang. Salon has an excellent treatment of the subject; included in it is the reason why the truth, like say the truth about President Chickenhawk's AWOL history, is consistently (if not constantly) and effectively suppressed by the people who are supposed to be bringing it to us:

As the panel called witnesses, Sumner Redstone, CEO of Viacom (CBS's
owner), declared his interest in the 2004 election. "I look at the election from
what's good for Viacom. I vote for what's good for Viacom. I vote, today,
Viacom," he said. In fact, Viacom had a number of crucial issues before the Federal Communications Commission, including loosening media ownership rules. "I don't want to denigrate Kerry," said Redstone, "but from a Viacom standpoint, the election of a Republican administration is a better deal. Because the Republican administration has stood for many things we believe in, deregulation and so on. The Democrats are not bad people ... But from a Viacom standpoint, we believe the election of a Republican administration is better for our company."


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