Friday, August 10, 2007

GOP: The Moral Equivalent of Nazism

Okay, so thusfar they've only rounded up relatively few people into crude barbed-wire-enclosed camps and tortured them to death largely on the basis of their ethnicity, but then again, it ain't over yet, The ForeverWar.

But also, it seems quite probable that in addition to the hundreds of thousands already killed in Iraq, for no good reason, millions more will soon perish in the blowback and chaos we have sown. So Bush, et alia, could very easily see some Hitlerian numbers of deaths directly resulting from their criminally cruel, callous and stupid actions. Not that our "free press" will lay any blame there.

And still, regardless of what happens in the future, to be a Republican now means that you are pro-war, pro-torture, pro-warrantless wiretapping, pro-perjury and pro-pardon, while being steadfastly against any honest accounting. Truth is not one of your "values" -- it's irrelvant to you as dog-whistling is to a sidewinder. Freedom is equally meaningless to a Republican because he supports Presidential and police prerogatives to suspend the citizen's freedom at will. Officials need only be elected, as far as Republicans are concerned (by whatever dubious and even illegal means necessary), and they have then been granted dictatorial war powers by the people.

The Democrats are little better, but we're at the point now where if one is a Republican one is either morally depraved or criminally ignorant. It's not some morally neutral parlor sport, like Yankees fandom vs Red Socks. It's a real indication of moral development, ethical and empathetic capacities, and lack thereof. Look around you, re-evalute your friends and loved ones in this light. Ask yourself, have they always been so vaguely... despicable?


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