Thursday, September 20, 2007

We Are All Good Germans Now

I can't really understand why so many politicians and pundits are queer for a uniform. Not everybody who puts on the suit and does what he's told is a hero, and those who think they they are know nothing of soldiers or heroism. Ask any soldier -- he'll tell you he met a whole lot of shitheads in the service, shirkers, bullshitters, cowards, backstabbers, thieves and worse. It's much like the human race in general -- but with an inflated sense of self importance, too much time on their hands, and guns.

But apparently MoveOn took free speech too far by saying about Petraeus what his brother officers are wont to say. The senators just won't have their heartthrob in all the flag-flare besmirched, no matter how much patent bullshit he spilled all over the Hill. It's pretty apparent he lied to Congress, but hey, let's condemn MoveOn instead.

Unbelievable. Alberto Gonzales runs the Justice Department like Tammany Hall but nobody condemns him. Bush squanders a trillion dollars and a million lives to make the world safe from an old man in a hole and....
I grow weary.


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