Monday, August 27, 2007

If-There-Were-Any-Justice Department

So, Alberto Suckbutt, Ano Gonzales, has decided to quit before he's impeached, and he too will be taking the Rovetrain back to Texas.

But according to the Post before he left he needed to stink the place up a little more. Showing here that he now has his head so far up his own ass that he's no longer sure which orifice is licking which (or whose):

Gonzales took no questions from the press as he announced his plans, but he
said that even his "worst days" as attorney general were "better than my
father's best days" as a migrant worker in Texas.
"I have lived the
American dream," said Gonzales, 52.

I'm sure he's inadevertently telling the truth, and of course bespeaking the attitude of virtually the entire administration. Getting over by lying, sucking up, covering up, fostering cronyism wherever and however possible, with no regard at all for the feelings or welfare of others, decency, ethics, the law, or the interest of the nation, is preferable to any form of honest work -- that is, the earning of pay by actually doing something for someone else. I'm sure in the sense of being cushy and ego-stroked Abu's jobs with the Bush Junta have been light-years from anything his father ever knew. Karmically I'll bet Abu's in an altogther lower universe. It kinda reminds me of Clarence Thomas' slander of his hardworking sister. I'd bet a months pay that Abu's not fit to shine his father's shoes.

Hunter Thompson had it right 35 years ago in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. These people think that the American dream is being licensed to steal.


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