Thursday, September 06, 2007


I was at a beerfest/concert in Richmond recently, there to see old friends and Scott Miller. I ran into another old friend, there on a wholly different mission, in the hotel elevator. She sent me this image of her work, which the New York Times blurbs here:

And on the light side, Michelle Erickson, a present-day ceramicist, has
satirical fun with ''St. George and the Dragon,'' a tableau depicting a monkey
who stands atop a donkey, thrusting his lance at the Statue of Liberty, who lies
at his feet, as a morose vulture looks on.

Note how the writer pointedly ignores the crux of the matter so as to spare President Chimpy's feelings. The spirit of Judith Miller lives on.

You've gotta love the circus that is Larry "I Am Not Gay" Craig. May he carry the GOP's hypercompensating, closet case flag forever! Apropos this, I was thinking about my recent meditation on conservatism as neurosis, and recalled my maxim, derived from Kierkegaard:

The strength of a conviction is inversely proportional to its publicity. Those who are secure enough in their masculinity (or lack thereof) don't really feel the need to declare it or applaud it. See also any of the doughy, draft-dodging, smart-asses who speak for the "conservatives" of today.


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