Sunday, July 29, 2007

Neglected Question Department

Why have none of our journalists and politicians taken the slightest interest in this question: has the Bush administration been using its various surveilance programs to spy on its domestic political opponents, to thus rig elections et cetera? Michael hayden, NSA chief, the guy in the best position to know won't say they haven't. Probably because they have. What else would account for their desperate stonewalling on all this? I mean apart from their basic love of lying....

They haven't any need to break into Democratic Headquarters because they can do it all digitally now.

Courtesy Matt Stoller

Gen. Michael Hayden refused to answer question about spying on political
enemies at National Press Club. At a public appearance, Bush's pointman in
the Office of National Intelligence was asked if the NSA was wiretapping
Bush's political enemies. When Hayden dodged the question, the questioner
repeated, "No, I asked, are you targeting us and people who politically
oppose the Bush government, the Bush administration? Not a fishing net, but
are you targeting specifically political opponents of the Bush
administration?" Hayden looked at the questioner, and after a silence called
on a different question.

Given what we now know about, and know we don't know, about all of
this, isn't it time to return to this question, and perhaps put it to Ashcroft, Comey, Mueller et al -- the people who saw the lawlessness in something or other
the Bushies were doing.


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