Friday, May 04, 2007

Conservatism Is a Cult of Masculinity

As Christopher Hedges says, "Fascism is a cult of masculinity." And "conservatism" is just pupal fascism, very soon to metamorphose into the full-blown form. Exhibit A, right-wing wet dream Harvey Mansfield who gets a big chubby in the Wall Street Journal at the thought of a Urinary Executive like Bush doing big, tough lawn'order things to keep us safe from terrorism. "Laws?" says Mansfield, "Real men don't need no fucking laws." Nothing Mansfield so much adores as "the boot in the face, the brute/ Brute heart of a brute like you." He thinks that's what will keep the country safe, or at least palpitating.

This is the same guy who wrote a hymn to Manliness, clearly a subject he thinks about rather too much, but doesn't understand all that well. Glenn Greenwald chews him up in Salon quite nicely. Of course this same thug-worship is pretty much true of all ten charcoal-suited white guys at the GOP butchfest last night. As I've said before, talk about hypercompensating!


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