Sunday, January 21, 2007

An Open Letter to My Senator

Dear Senator Webb,

We cannot know if George Bush doesn’t like the truth or doesn’t know the truth. But this is certain: very often he does not tell the truth.

Likewise, we cannot know whether the pronouncements, policies and practices of the Bush administration have been fraudulent or negligent, deliberate deception or reckless dereliction, but they have certainly been criminal – undertaken without due diligence and with utter disregard for their risks, consequences and morality. It is time to hold the authors of the Iraq fiasco (and so much else) accountable – to repudiate the actions, investigate their instigators, and where warranted, prosecute their crimes.

For decades America was virtually immune to the terrorism which has pervaded so much of the world, not because of our military might, but because we were rightly admired as a just, free and fair people. Now, by the reckless actions of this secretive and lawless administration, America has been so dishonored as to warrant this admiration no more. If we do not show the world that America can police itself, we will abdicate any claim to leadership of the free.

It is well past time we demanded truth of this administration. If George Bush doesn’t know it, or won’t tell it, then his every initiative should be resisted until such time as a more honorable and capable person can assume the office of President.


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