Friday, January 12, 2007

The Fish Rots from the Head

It is axiomatic, and perhaps even true, that organizations take their style from their leaders. And where did W get his style? Back in 1999 he went around on Ken Lay's corporate jet telling everyone he'd be a CEO President -- very much in the mode of his friend, mentor and benefactor, Ken Lay. If only we'd known how true that would prove. Bush does sometimes inadvertently tell the truth, and if you know it when you hear it, it's chilling

The Bushist style is sanctimonious flim-flam, betrayal of the public trust is standard operating procedure. Self licensed by unshakable conviction that the righteous can do no wrong, the Bushist uses his position like a pimp uses a farm girl. I would be willing to bet large amounts of money that the vast majority of Bush appointees, were they to be thoroughly investigated, we would find steeped in crimes of dereliction, conflict of interest, and outright graft. They feel that they're entitled, having taken up defense of noble mythological entities like the Snowflake Babies, Free Markets, the Sanctity of Marriage and the Moslem Masses Yearning to be Freed by Blitzkrieg.

Here's a radical notion: how about we hold some of these people accountable, and maybe even hold accountable some of the people who resisted hold them accountable. When, oh when, can the de-Bushification begin?


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