Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Republican of the Year!

Yes, Robert Hale has the right stuff to be a Right Wing Hero and sure enough he became one. Like Ron Raygun, Christopher Hitchens and David Horowitz he was a one-time lefty turned Authoritarian. Like George Bush he was a rich kid in Texas, who got religion and then hunkered down in total isolation with his own little set to promote family values decry the evils of government meddling. He even had the pioneer spirit to move to Alaska and homestead his own little Christian enclave there.

Never mind that he did it with government handouts. Untold thousands of Republican millionaires can say the same. Never mind that his first teenage wife somehow eneded up dead of shotgun wounds to the head which occured while Hale was in the hotel room with her. Never mind that he made his children bathe with their clothes on lest they see themselves naked. And never mind that the second woman he married at 16 has now charged him with raping one of their daughters -- and he has admitted to the charges. The important thing is that he didn't allow those tree huggers to stop him from running a bulldozer through a national park, and that his kids was raised up Xian! Praise be!


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