Monday, October 16, 2006

Mark Foley Saves a Life

Just came back from a week long visit to Mom, a lady of some years, in a picturesque hamlet just 6 hours' train-ride from DC and equidistant from two obscenely huge Indian casinoes. Mom is recovering from pneumonia and from her physicians' efforts to cure her, and so was laid pretty low. I think we might have lost her had the Mark Foley thing not provided some therapeutic hilarity and schadenfruede, some reason to live -- that and the chance to vote against sniveling weasel Lieberman. So, thanks Mark, thanks Denny. Excellent timing!

And the hits do keep coming. Today we have Lester Crawford, Bush's former FDA chief, charged with conflict of interest and lying about his stock holdings while in office. It seems:

"The former FDA chief was accused of making a false writing and conflict of interest. The court papers say that Crawford chaired FDA's Obesity Working Group at a time when he and his wife owned stock in soft drink and snack food manufacturer Pepsico and food product manufacturer Sysco."

And Kurt Weldon (R-PA) seems to have a spot of troube what with the FBI raiding his daughter's office and hauling away cartons of documents related to the notion that she and he were illegally peddling some influence. Tsk. Tsk.

How long before we get to consider the entire Bush administration a RICO case? Or maybe the entire GOP? How many indictments?


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