Friday, September 22, 2006

Torture Soon to Be Legal in "Land of Free"

So, the Republickans are agreed that it's okay to torture people so long as it's not, y'know, excessive in the sober judgment of the Preznit. Tristero has this to say about that:

Shame, shame, shame on the cowards in both parties that permitted this disgracefully grotesque farce to happen. This is as inexcusable a stupidity as the neglect that permittted the 9/11 attacks, the idiotic reasoning and intellectual blindness that advocated and executed the Bush/Iraq war, and the failure to prepare for Katrina. What the hell is going on, that a country that prides itself on its heritage of freedom and liberty, that fought such an awful war over the degrading enslavement of human beings - that such a country would vote to permit some of the most repulsive and evil practices human beings are capable of and place the power to do so directly in the hands of a moral midget?

Toxic gasses are wafting down of the Hill today. I've never been more disgusted with this country.


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