Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wheels Coming Off GOP?

Like a wounded, cornered animal, the GOP may be at its most dangerous right now, but it sure seems like things aren't really going that well for the White House and its pet party. Tonight Bob Woodward is going on national TV to explain what the Pet Goat Moment was all about ("Christamighty! That's what that CIA guy was on about back in Crawford.") and his book brings lots more bad news for the junta, including further proof that Condescenda is a lying sack of shit ("Clinton didn't leave us a plan on Al Qaeda...") and fresh suggestions that she committed perjury before the 9/11 Commision and before Congress. Meanwhile lots of newly released e-mails tie Karl Rove and gay-yet-brownshirt Ken Melhman ever more tightly to the Abramoff crime syndicate

And now Mark Foley, Repuritan Congressman and crusading sponsor of legislation to protect children from internet predators turns out to be (surprise, surprise) an internet predator. ("Wholly Projection Batman!" says the Boy Wonder.) And it seems that the party leadership responded to the scandal rather like the Archdiocese of Boston -- with denial, coverup, hush money etc. Even some Republicans are now suggesting that fat-sack Denny Hastert shouldn't really be part of the Values Party anywmore. Oops. Of course George Felix Maccaca Allen continues to roll in the manure lest he spontanously combust from racist hatred. On a low simmer, of course, are the impending trials of uber-insiders Libby and DeLay. And this just in: Even Fox "News" now says that nobody except the tinfoil hats, and Bill Kristol, buys the idea that we're winning in Iraq.

Still, you can bet that the corporatist press will find all this somehow good for the GOP, because those Republickers really rise to a challenge -- with God's help of course. The whole thing reminds me of one of those Most-Amazing-Police-Chase videos that I flipped through one night. The fugitive in someone's stolen Range Rover couldn't be stopped; after the spike-strip took out his front tires he still rolled right on on the bare rims, sparks showering out as he ground down the highway for many, many miles. Very entertaining certainly (and of course that's the point for the MSM) , unless you happen to be the fugitive, or the owner of the Range Rover. The aware citizen will feel a bit like both.


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