Monday, September 18, 2006

The W Monument

People who have little must rely on their imaginations more than people with vast resources. That's one reason why plutocrats are often among the dullest, stupidest people on the planet. That's also the reason that the American military regime keeps building great monuments to their own lack of imagination -- which the little guys in black pajamas circumvent and undermine with the inventiveness necessary to their survival. This is akin, as I've said, to the Maginot Line Effect. Now the Bushites have a new plan for securing Baghdad at least, they're going to dig a moat (or at least a trench) around it. Yeah, that'll work.

I propose that it is at least the prototype for what, in a just and tasteful world, would be the George W. Bush Memorial. American children would come from all over and line up to consecrate W's memory in proper fashion.


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