Sunday, October 01, 2006


Alicublog's fine rumination on invective and the many fine comments on the post got me thinking, so I thought I'd quote myself here.

One of the many problems thinking people have is that they often confuse the respect they ought to have for people's rights with a respect they ought to grant those people themseves only when they've earned it. The loathsome should not be treated with respect; they should be pelted with opprobium, so as to discourage their despicable behavior. This is called Civilization.

Here is my snark for the day, or perhaps for the last five years or so: W took office a crooked, stupid, cowardly, sadistic lout, and then a freak of history handed him absolute power. As Lord Acton might have anticipated, the crack-like catalyst of all this power has further degraded W's character, to the point where he is now criminally insane. Look out America, he is capable of Anything or at least, as some hated Frenchman said, "any crime that does not require courage."


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