Thursday, August 17, 2006

GOP Criminals Lose Another War

Many have invoked the notion of Chamberlain-esque appeasement in recent years, almost always in chearleading of the various wars the Royalists have thought useful for diversionarty and remunerative purposes. As usual the conventional wisdom has it exactly ass-backwards. Certainly the country has been deeply wounded by the Democrats' appeasement -- of the GOP. Every Democratic Sentator and Representative should have been implacably opposed to the loathsome and illegitimate Bushites, starting the dawn after Election Day 2000. No Bush appointee should have been confirmed, no Bush program passed, no moneys disbursed without a bruising fight predicated in the dubious legitimacy White House tenant, and hence his dubious authority to appoint et cetera. This at least might have ensured more palatable appointees and programs, more honest elections. But the chickenshit Dems caved, and caved, and caved. And now the system is on the brink of complete ruin.

Still, even the Booboisee are starting to figure out that the Bushites are despicable ass-clowns, and incompetent losers. But Cheney is still bullhorning his Defeatocrat meme. The Democrats if they had any brains or balls could easily hit this one out of the park by saying, "Republicans have control of the White House, both Houses, and the Supreme Court -- the entire government. Republicans sold the war, planned the war, started the war, and ran the war -- right into the ground. Republicans started the war, ran it, lost it. Republicans lost the war."

Republican losers. Just like Tricky Dick. Tough talking losers. Repeat as necessary.


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