Friday, July 28, 2006

Give 'Em Enough Rope....

In a Strangelovean (How I Stopped Worrying....) way I have found sort of a silver lining in the immediate political future. Either the people will repudiate Republican crimes and follies by voting in a lot of Democrats in November, or they will not. My guess is they won't -- because Rove will think of something and the corporate media will abet it, and because in many cases votes will be tallied by non-verifiable Diebold machines, or some other subverted method. (And the corporate news media will prove entirely incurious about the very surprising results!)

But even if Democrats don't win, it's not such a bad thing -- at least in the context of all the truly atrocious things already happening. The Democrats don't really deserve to win and if they do it will be a vindication of their tacit strategy: "Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves."

Unfortunately, today's Rovian Republican, like the Klansmen from whom he is a direct spiritual descendant, knows many more rope tricks than that one. Unfortunately, really, really bad things will have to start happening to large numbers of the Booboisee, and these things will have to be correctly tied to the crimes and derelictions of the GOP, before meaningful change can come about from rejection. By that time it might be too late. If it's not already.

Still, maybe, maybe if the Democrats get their asses handed to them again, they'll finally wake up and realize, that they can't just run a symbiotic protection racket, counting on the threat from the GOP to ensure contributions. At some point they'll have to show some initiative, and imagination.


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