Friday, July 14, 2006

Those Don't Believe in Science Are Condemned to...

Of course the ignoramuses of the Bush Junta know and care for nothing but money and social power, so of course they can't be expected to take any lessons from thermodynamics. This may account for their mad faith that they could, like Superman, just grab the Mid East by the scruff and turn it to Truth, Justice and the American Way. They failed to realize that when one system interacts with another you don't get alchemical conversion, you get exchange. Even under ideal circumstances, and with best practices, we may export order at the cost of taking on chaos. A young philosopher put it this way:

On our first tripI tried so hard to rearrange your mind.
But after while I realized you were disarranging mine.

And of course we have hardly had ideal circumstances or best practices here. We have been the bulldozer in the china shop. Nobody seems to have thought about how, in combatting an insurgency or underground, one will resort to things that make you odious to former friends.
The upshot of this is, among other things, a deepening of hatred of some Americans by other Americans. So the Iraqis may yet export tyranny and civil war to us. Eventually the dialectic is between dynamite and the firing squad.


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