Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cause, Effect or Feedback Loop?

Absoute power tends to corrupt absolutely, as Lord Acton says. And indeed essentially anybody with direct contact to the Bush regime ought to be scrutinized very carefully for signs of criminal derangment.

Again I have to wonder, do these people self-select, somehow sensing that their basic sleaziness will be warmly welcomed at the W House? (Between Teke and Sigma Nu.) Or are they more or less decent when they arrive, and then after a few years marinating in the teflon soup which seems to spare them any and all accountability, they just go bad? Or mad?

I especially have to wonder if this is true of the black and brown folk who throw in their lot with these racist shitheads. Among all the other crimes waiting to be uncovered there was the White House flunky who went klepto, kiping stuff all over the DC area, despite his high-paid White House job. But that was nothing. Now we have William Lash, an Undersecretary of Commerce for five years. Last weekend he killed himself and his 12-year-old son with a shotgun after arguing with his wife. By all accounts a great guy -- except for that throwing in with the Florida Jim-Crow Redux Gang.

Nowit looks like Katherine Harris, top operative in 2000's Throw The Negro Votes Out Drive is in a spot of trouble for taking cash from and doing favors for known briber Mitchell Wade. Oops.

These people really do think they've stumbled on a new reality and the idea has so deranged them that they just act on any impulse that comes into their head, however deviant or destructive. That impulse just has to be honored, because it's theirs.


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