Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Moment It All Went to Hell

When he took office through a rigged election and biased Supreme Court, George W. Bush was, by the evidence in the public record: a lout, liar, coward, fool and thief. Thanks to the delerelictions of the "journalists" and the mealymouthed cowardice of the Democrats, much of the public didn't realize this. Bush was treated with respect, therefore he must be respectable, our bovine, incurious people seemed to conclude.

Again, he started as lout, liar, coward, fool and thief. Then the events of September 11th conferred on him nearly absolute power, and this has corrupted him immeasurably, turned him into a monster of arrogance and ignorance, spite and self-righteousness, who now spends $250 million a day of our money to avenge the crime of 9/11 on people who had nothing to do with it, to rubble a country that was absolutely no threat to us. His agenda has taken or maimed hundreds of thousands of lives and accomplished absolutely nothing even remotely worth the sacrifice. More than any other man in history he has utterly squandered American blood, treasure and honor.

There really is no issue worth discussing in American politics today except this : how do we hold Bush, his cronies and his enablers responsible for their crimes and blunders? If we could attend seriously to this, much ancillary good would follow naturally. Until and unless we do so there can be no truly salutary developments in American politics -- just further devolution and imperial decline.


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