Friday, February 03, 2006

Some Short Subjects

Can someone explain to me why Fox News is not considered an illegal in-kind contribution to the Republican Party? How much would it cost to buy that kind of air time?

Is it so that those who would police the morality of others are always the most immoral? I guess it’s always easier to be someone else’s conscience than to heed your own.

Must you be a scumbag to be an elected Republican? Do you have to do something really sleazy to be “made” in this organization? Exhibit A: the new Majority Leader, Boehner. He's all for school prayer and religious discrimination and men owning the uterus, because these things will make America more moral. Still, he's not above passing out checks from the tobacco companies on the floor of the House.

It is shibboleth in the blog world that when one invokes fascism one 'thereby loses the argument.' But I say this is bullshit; one loses the argument when one allows one's opponents to define some terms as unacceptable. See Umberto Eco, a man who lived under Mussolini, on the subject.

Meanwhile, in other news, the talking heads are camped out by the federal courthouse this morning. Could it be that Karl is about to be indicted? Pretty please?


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