Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Banana Republicans

Just to make sure the crony capitalism continues unabated George Bush has appointed Noel Hillman, the prosecutor on the Abramoff case a federal judge so as to throw a spanner in the works of that process. Sweet deal for Noel, Jack and his many co-conspirators, not so great for the republic. I guess that puts the prosecution into the hands of Alice Fisher, torture-pal of Abu Gonzalez, said to be very cozy with the Tom DeLay camp. But I'm sure she'll be impartial. More and more we are turning into a straight oligarchy -- rule by the rich, for the rich.

The rich will always be with us, of course. And they will always have more power than anyone else. But if we give them absolute power, as Rove wishes to, the system will soon collapse from its own rot. It will be a case of the parasite killing the host.


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