Thursday, February 02, 2006

Liarrhea: the State of the Union Address

Of course I couldn't actually bear to watch the Bush address. I knew, viscerally as I know the operation of gravity, that the "speech" would be, like all of W's, wholly composed of platitude, nonsense and falsehood; any truths spoken would be pimped into the service of a lie. The transcripts show I was entirely right in this supposition. It was good to see Joe Lieberman jump up, even before any Republicans, to applaud the President's fantasy that we are "winning" the war in Iraq. Winning? Yeah, sure -- if winning means squandering treasure, blood and honor to foment Muslim hatred of America. Poor George, nobody has the heart to tell him that the war is over, except for determining who will be that last American to draw the short straw for a fraud. Yes, the war is over and, by any measure, Iran won. Won cheap. Way to go Pentagon geniuses!

And then of course there were the many particular lies about the impeachable offenses of the domestic spying program. His Royal Lieness spoke of "the duty to speak with candor" and then showed that his idea of candor = %100 bullshit. For a catalogue of the prevarications try this from Salon.


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