Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ripples in the Force

The other day I watched a few thousand wankers marching around the national Mall for 'Life' -- that is for their right to fuck with your life. The assholes would have you believe that their fine-tuned consciences feel a ripple in the force each time a pregnancy is terminated, but do they care about the many-thousand actual children who die horribly every day, from easily preventable disease and starvation, or perhaps collateral damage of the war on brown terror? Not one bit. It's a very safe wager that the overlap of the Right-to-Fuck-With-Your-Life movement and any positive (that is non-prohibitionist) social activism is exactly nil.

"Abortion is homicide," read the placard in the hands of the pubescent, punked-out little shit in the next day's Express -- WaPo's abbreviated subway/toilet version. If ever a brat needed an ass-kicking there was a case of it. He's years away from being able to comprehend the issue, yet he's quite ready to congratulate himself for preaching to his betters. Here's hoping the little Brownshirt ends up flipping burgers to pay for his unprotected dalliance with some other dimwit.

The real problem with the prohibitions that Reactionairies are so fond of, is that they know they will never apply to their advocates -- that's why they advocate them. That's why they advocate them. They're rich enough to abort their daughter's mistakes, buy off Junior's coke rap, etc., --always were and will be. The bottomless banality of evil....


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