Sunday, February 05, 2006

Orwellian Correlatives.

Let us concede that we are a one-party system. The Democrats are to the Republicans as the "Generals" are to the Globetrotters. It is in every sense not a contest.

The Oligarchy now totally controls the police and military, both houses of Congress, the federal courts, the White House and justice department. Control of the media is being advanced every day. Evangelicals take money under the table to deliver e-mail lists, talking points and voters. If they can the Party will purge academia of those who profess dangerous things like ethics and evolution. All moral authority must be subordinated.

And it is perhaps a law of logic and language (embedded at the Heisenbegrian level) that in a one- party system things become their opposite. Truth becomes Pravda. Freedom is security. Or slavery. Heroes are cowards (like Kerry and Murtha), debt becomes prosperity, failure is success -- or at least a "Mission Accomplished" -- lunacy is wisdom, a thieving, warmongering bully who can't move his lips without lying is a "Christian," infallibility is accountability, genocidal contempt for the poor and afflicted is decency, and finally Arbeit macht frei.

It is like one of those mathematical worlds with fewer dimensions. Irony there is incomprehensible.


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