Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Another Cloning Experiment Largely Successful

Ann Coulter was recently the toast of Swastipalooza, wowing the Bush Cultists with her clever quips about breaking bad on the "ragheads" (Go on over Ann, and kick some raghead ass for me. Get video). Now it turns out she's deliberately falsified her Florida voting registration. Clearly the Party has decided that Florida is a rule-free voting zone, for white people anyway. Just who is this AnnCoulter, really? Leni Riefenstahl without the talent or charisma, pretty much just leaving the "blonde" hair and the brown nose. In any case. the fact that Ann is such a hit with these people -- their muse really-- confirms that much as the Party pretends to stand for homespun decency, their libido is for punishment and destruction. Hatred is the life force of the movement.


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