Friday, December 17, 2010

Nixon, Reagan, Palin, Satan!

Here at the Ministry of Elegance people are already laboring mightily to throw the annual Christmas party, a massive feed and booze-up, wherein hardly anybody lampshades or tells the boss off. We're all too elegant for that, and also there is a lot of well-armed security about.

I'm still not paying any attention to the news. Why, as Barbara (Father of our Country) Bush might put it, would I want to besmirch my beautiful mind with that stuff? I don't know if it's making me happier, but it's making me more focused on other stuff which might profit me better. Still, the Lobbyist tells me that the Senate, including many Democrats, voted down the Omnibus Bill (of which, in my news-bubble, word has not otherwise reached me), which means less money for the already impecunious and needy people she represents, and yet we're still shoveling money into the black hole of ForeverWar. The Lobbyist is truly sad, in fact I think she was near tears last night.

On the elevator last night, as I was late leaving the hushed and darkened Ministry I encountered two young women who work on the Top Floor. We joked on the way out about buying Costa Rican real estate against the day President Palin takes office. But it occurs to me, who will stop sexy Sarah from taking the helm? The same wise and decent Americans who elected Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Cheney (twice!)? The courageous and visionary Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and....?

Nixon, Reagan, Palin, Satan! Is that a cheer or a historical trend?


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