Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in the Heimatland

I had another danger-filled mission for the Ministry of Elegance so, once I had vanquished evil (the Trafalgar Square Chapter), the Lobbyist and I were again galavanting at taxpayer expense, this time in the UK, where we studied up on accelerating the spread of socialism in Amerika, while also covetting many of the extravagant goodies on offer in Mayfair and drinking drinks and breaking bread with all manner of effete intellectuals. Heavenly. I wondered yet again why if even the English can have a crackerjack railroad system that gets one from Edinburgh to London in 4.5 hours in wified comfort with regular passages of a drinks cart, whyu can't The Greatest Nation Ever? Hell, even the Italians run a dandy train system; the all-powerful yanks, not so much....
I see the Tea Partiers haven't gotten any more attractive in the fortnight I went without them. Their ascendance is proof positive that here, just as much as in Germany, the scum will have a Hitler of their own.

While abroad we visited a calico cat who emigrated when John Ashcroft was pretending to be Attorney General. A very beautiful kitty.


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