Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dance of the Flaming Assholes

Apparently the Tea Partiers won big in the primaries yesterday, despite being truly moronic, nauseating and despicable people. There's Christine O'Donnell, a onetime television crusader against masturbation, now Delaware's Republican candidate for Senate. There's Carl Paladino who out-bigotted Rick Lazio for the GOP gubernatorial slot; this is is a guy who sends out Klan-mail and bestiality-porn over the internet, a landlord to the New York government in Albany, a guy getting rich on tax dollars who nonetheless thinks he's a paragon of free enterprise. And then of course, we already had Dr. Ron Paul and Joe Miller. Esq. both disgraces to their respective professions.

The Democrats are overjoyed with the latest nominees. They think it means they have a chance to hold onto the Senate. Personally I learned from W. not to root for the big loser to be nominated. The American people will probably love the guy, or girl. Plus, the lower the Reublicans sink, the lower is the bar the Democrats set for themselves. We must always remember, the if the Republicans are -100 on the moral quotient scale, the Democrats won't dare be any better that -99. The success of the Tea Party creeps is a very bad sign, a sign of mass psychosis. Millions of people won't repudiate this madness unless and until it clearly costs them everything they value. Think Nazis in the ruins of Berlin.


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