Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peckerwood Über Alles.

I'm sure it's best for my mental health that I'm getting out of town this weekend, what with Glen Peckerwood and his brownshirts taking over the Mall. Never mind the marchers, those who don't understand that all these people are scum are to be shunned, excluded from all civil intercourse until they show clear, consistent signs of raised consciousness. Alas, that kind of radical conversion will be quite beyond the usual Tea Partier, and even beyond the typical negligent who doesn't recognize them for the fascists they are. Most of these people will go to their graves, live the rest of their cosseted, ignorant lives firmly ensconced in their "designer victimhood," convinced that despite riches and security vastly beyond their deserving, they have been oppressed by the reverse-racist, left-wing government.

Here's the quintessential example, one Bruce Majors, royalist stooge who fancies himself a revolutionary, the guy who wrote the Tea Bagger's Guide to Avoiding Brown People and Foreigners in DC. Racist, woman-hating asshole, he's basically the movement mascot.

They're "restoring honor" to the Lincoln Memorial, on the anniversary of The Speech. Kind of like restoring cleanliness with fecal graffiti.
We're so fucked.


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