Saturday, January 02, 2010

Different Decade, Same Shit

The utter, bottomless corruption of the American right (and American “journalism”) got a graphic demonstration on the first day of the year: the Washington Times headline which declared, “Blackwater Contractors Cleared in Iraq Killings.” Now, if one reads some less-corrupt news source (the Washington Times is after all financed by the fleecing of Reverend Moon’s credulous dupes, and the other criminal enterprises perpetrated by his minions) one might come to a slightly different conclusion, one which might be headlined, say, “Drugged Up Murdering Mercenaries Get off on Technicality,” or “Prosecutors Deliberately Botch Mass-Murder Case.” The Times, in this instance, pretty much speaks for every Dittohead, Teabagger, fascist, and war freak on the Right. You can be sure all the Foxagandists feel the same way. But only in the Republiverse can the events be considered a vindication. Of course, ever since McCarthy, Republicans have been pretty much immune to any sort of accountability at all. Theyve become American Royalty. They lack any sense of noblesse oblige, but like Leona Helmsley, their one martyr and patron saint, they consider themselves above the laws they use like Tasers on the “little people.” The fact that the mainstream media are largely ignoring the seamier side of this story, even largely ignoring what the commanding general in Iraq said about it, shows the typical perspicacity and courage of the industry’s top practitioners.


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