Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Banality is Evil: e.g. Pat Boone

Interesting provocation in Newsmax Halloween edition: Pat Boone talking about how all the questionable types at the White House need to be "tented" -- to wit: exterminated, like the "vermin" they are!

If these right-wing assholes had read any history whatsoever they might realize that this "vermin" talk both harks back and leads on to Final Solution, e.g. Farben's repurposed roach powder, Xyklon B. But these morons don't understand history and can't get their heads around metaphor, and so like cargo cultists, when they reify or enact their own hyperbole they think they've revealed and realized Truth. They erect an idol and worship it; confabulate a devil and scapegoat it. Thus it is that when Pat Boone says, "I believe – figuratively, but in a very real way – we need to tent the White House!" -- his figuartrive language is just as dangerous as that of the Nazis. The "very real way" will eventually and fatally equate human beings with cockroaches.

Some years ago, the pop-culture maven Cintra Wilson observed, “I find it to be generally true that the people with the most hateful, inhumane, intolerant politics are suckers for the most obscene forms of guileless sentimental exploitation….” And Pat Boone is the incarnation of this principle literally.

Cintra was talking about Las Vegas, which Hunter Thompson famously described as 'what all America would be doing if the Third Reich had won' but I think HST was a bit wrong there, Branson is what all American would be (or will be) doing under a 4th Reich, and Pat Boone will be a Prophet there.


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