Saturday, November 07, 2009

GOP: Party of Aggrieved Privilege

Leftist She-Devil Amanda Marcotte has it right: In theory, the Republicans are the party of Big Business, but for their base, they are really the party of aggrieved privilege, of straight white men trying desperately to resist equality between all citizens that would deprive them of their unearned superior station in society.

At the Capitol Tea Party the other day, I saw a buch of smug, expensively dressed old-dudes, usually with their somewhat younger (but still leathery in a smoked-sausage way) trade-up wives, and I had to wonder, each time who the hell did this Bozo swindle, screw, shove aside or exploit, so that he could hang out on a weekeday afternoon in Italain shoes, designer shades and expensive tweed, trying to see to it nobody else got any fat off the land? You can be sure that no asshole out there got wealthy on his merits.


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