Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Accessories after the Factoid

With Fox News spewing hate 24/7, and all the corporate media pretending that they aren't, I don't see how American democracy can persist. When the fascists get billion$ in free PR from the very people who are supposed to bebunk them, Enlightened discourse doesn't stand a chance, nor does enlightened (long term) self interest. Millions of right-wing Americans now passionately believe that fascism is historically left-wing, that white people are the victims of discrimination, and that "balanced" means respectful of any nonsense a bigot or nincompoop can spew. Fox and Friends sees to it that they believe ten impossible things before breakfast.

Meanwhile their opposition goes: "Tut tut. Dreadful stuff."
The only chance we have is to bankrupt these shitheads by boycotting their sponsors, and I don't see any public figure with guts enough to get that snowball rolling.


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