Friday, September 04, 2009

Land of the Freaks

The Lobbyist and I had a nice long sojourn in Olde Europe, ogling Renaissance oil paintings of buxom nudes, sucking up truffles and caviar, swilling down flagons of Premier Cru and cracking many jokes with the locals about how ignorant and bigoted our countrymen are! Best of all, we got expense it to the Ministry of Elegance which passed on the bill to the hard-working, God-fearing little people who pay American income taxes! Of course, try as we did, we still only only managed to squander the equivalent of .002 second's-worth of the Iraq War, but when your needs are as simple as ours it's hard to run up a real Pentagon style tab.

Now that I'm back and over my jet-lag/hangover, it seems to me that many, many Americans are even more banal, stupid and wicked than I recall. These would be the ones for whom George W. had a sort of super-papal infallibility (despite his lifelong record of cowardice and bungling) but for whom Obama is evil incarnate. They are ready to believe absolutely anything negative about Obama, no matter how batshit crazy. Anf the media are ready to treat them with deep respect, no matter how batshit crazy. America the beautiful.


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