Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing A Liberal Wants

This morning, as I was steaming my eyes open with French Roast, flipping through the channels to see if I needed a bumbershoot, a quintessential outrage presented itself. It seems that yesterday, somewhere in sunny Iowa, Chuck Grassley was having a town hall, playing to the troglodyte crowd by telling them the Negro President wants to kill their Nannas, when he got upstaged by soemone even more toxically stupid:

Vicki Crawford of Granger drew repeated bursts of applause as she lectured Grassley for over three and a half minutes.

"I have heard your recent rhetoric about how we all want the same thing as Obama -- health care reform. I disagree on every level," Crawford said. "There is nothing a liberal wants that I would agree to and we have to stop giving ground."

Crawford told Grassley she liked him, but she accused him of being an appeaser.
"This is no less than liberty versus tyranny, good versus evil and there is no middle ground," she told Grassley, asking: "With whom will you choose to stand?"

One could hardly wish for a purer expression of bigotry than the above: "There is nothing a liberal wants that I would agree to...." Let's just think about that. Most of the liberals I know probably want clean air and water, safe food and drink, a secure present and hopeful future for their children, freedom of speech and religion, the pursuit of happiness, peace love and understanding. Yet this woman is so blind in her bigot's hatred for a whole class of people that she would agree to none of it. Now if we caught her in a reflective moment we could probably get Vicki to agree that she and liberals share some hopes and values, but we go to war on slogans, "Liberty versus tyranny, good versus evil!" It's only afterwards, in the smoldering ruins of inconceivable folly that the reflective moments occur to a few survivors. Bursts of applause indeed.
It's funny, I used to live in the Flyover, and the Iowans I knew, even the farmers and the farmers' kids, were a surprisingly smart and sensible bunch.


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