Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's Not Who Votes that Counts...'s who counts the votes. So don't get too optimistic about any Democratic landslide. It should be a landslide, but the networks and the newspapers have been doing all they could to ignore and conceal GOP criminality -- though at Bushian levels of malfeasance this becomes challenging. And of course the Dems have predictably done all they could to fuck it up, so I predict it'll be close enough to steal. The only question is whether the powers behind the scene feel it's worth the risk and stink of stealing.

Blogging these last few weeks has had limited appeal. Maybe it's overchoice, a function of the "target rich environment" (as Custer might've termed the Little Bighorn). It does seem that the Republican party has really devolved quite disastrously, doubling down (and redoubling and re-redoubling) on their inherent awfulness, their clueless evil to such a degree that even former and recent fans, in fact all but the most bigotted yobboes, are repulsed. If we are very, very, very lucky, the Republican Party will cease to exist or at least be trimmed back to a ridiculous vestige like the National Socialists and the KKK -- which it increasingly resembles. But don't cry for the Grand Yobbo Party. Because people are inherently falliable, often weak, selfish and foolish, it will probably always be possible to profitably exploit ignorant bigotry (The Krupps and the I.G. Farben did it, much as did Halliburton, Blackwater, KBR and many, many more.), so the moral equivalent of the GOP will spring up soon in some other pernicious form, like a cancer. There might be an outside chance that men could grow generally wiser than that, but real education being the low priority that it is in America, it is, at best, that outside, perhaps even a sweepstakes chance.

In the meantime we need to do all we can to eliminate not just Republicans, but the Vichycrats like Lieberman, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Lawrence Rockefeller and the many others who have abetted the Republicans in their degradation of democracy.
I already voted, and am off next week to Europe on a mission for the Ministry of Elegance. Let's hope there's a reason to come back.


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