Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Just Happened

Went to see What Just Happened last night, because I needed some escape I had read a bit of the book it was based on and the cast is interesting and having been a denizen of Hollywood for some years I figured it would be enjoyable in an Entourage sort of way. And it was. It really just went over territory already covered by Alman's The Player, in a much broader, more slapsticky way -- so it's not exactly a classic but it does have some excellent bits, including a few really big laughs and many minor ones. One of the best funerals in all of cinema. Plus,De Niro is excellent in the lead role as woebegone Hollywood producer, not least because, despite his admirably restrained performance, he brings his trademark "coiled menace" to the role. The character, and comedy is richened by the vague expectation that the producer might go postal at almost any time.

I recommend, if only as complete escape from our hideous political devolution.


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