Monday, September 22, 2008

Panic Please. Faster. Harder.

I messed up a bit recently -- didn't properly calculate the dosage of the adrenochrome/ibogaine/Patron Silver cocktail with which I usually unwind after a hard day at the Ministry of Elegance. As a result my motor functions locked up for a few minutes and I couldn't quite reach the remote, even as, to my horror, Bill O'Reilly came on the TV in the throes of interviewing Obama. Fortunately, I was about "peaking" then so the intermittent, strobing global hallucinations distanced me from the nightmare effect. It was all kind of 'out of body', as if I were watching someone else's nightmare.

One of the few things I remember clearly was Bill-O's savage indignation over Social Security and Obma's proposal to raise taxes on the rich (like Bill himself) to shore up the program. Why --that just struck the Marquess O'Reilly as "socialism" pure and simple, "economic redistribution."

Well now the same crew of ass clowns who brought us the Iraq war, who pissed away a trillion dollars maximizing hatred and ridicule of America, want another trillion-point-one dollars to give away to the banks and other Republican contributors without any accountability whatsoever, as Paul Krugman explains:

But Mr. Paulson insists that he wants a “clean” plan. “Clean,” in this context, means a taxpayer-financed bailout with no strings attached — no quid pro quo on the part of those being bailed out. Why is that a good thing? Add to this the fact that Mr. Paulson is also demanding dictatorial authority, plus immunity from review “by any court of law or any administrative agency,” and this adds up to an unacceptable proposal.

Now, as I understand it, the plan is to take $3600 from every man, woman and child in America, and hand it over to mismanaged companies, no questions asked. This sounds like the greatest heist in the history of the planet, akin perhaps to what happened to the Soviet Union after Communism morphed into Republicanism. Perhaps O'Reilly will denounce it as "redistribution."


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