Thursday, October 09, 2008

Back to the Future, Boy

So Lee County Florida's thug sheriff, Mike Scott, thought it'd be a great idea to warm up Sarah Palin's lynch mob with a clever invocation of Hussein, Barrack Obama's middle name, but being essentially a criminal in uniform, he didn't bother to check the law about lending the authority of that uniform to a particular political party. Of course, nothing is likely to happen to him, because, like William ("my God is bigger") Boykin, he's a Republican -- and Republican's can't break the law. The concept just doesn't apply

You can be 100% certain that Mike Scott is the kind of repugnant asshole who routinely resorts to racial sexist and homophobic epithets, brutalizes suspects, and has made a career out of testilying to get convictions. He is the quintessence of what is wrong with the macho-cultists of the American Right with their bottomless, yet impotent libido for punishment. Give a little man a little power and right away he thinks he's powerful. And nothing is so banally corruptive as that delusion.


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