Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Black Bush?

I voted for the man, notwithstanding my reservations about his craven stance on FISA, notwithstanding his infuriating enthusiasm for state-sponsored religion (faith-based Federal programs), but his obstruction of reprisal against Joe Rape-Gurney Lieberman strikes me as a very ominous sign. It's hard to think what more Lieberman could do to to sabotage the Democrats, and ye they think he's essential to their lockstepping phalanx of sixty die-hard loyalists. Right. It is said Obama's actually going to bat for Lieberman. This would seem to continue George Bush's practice of not holding anyone accountable for anything. This may augur a long four (eight?) years.

If Obama can't stand up to Joe Lieberman, how's he going to stand up to [insert instransigent asshole here]?


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